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Banco Original receives award in Oracle OpenWorld!

Marcello Zanardi, from Banco Original, received the Oracle Excellence Award for the Oracle Open World Award in 2003 for the Case of IT Transformation and Innovation of the first Digital Bank of Brazil.

Congratulations to all who have made this project a reality, to the V8 Consulting team that gives us pride (represented by Ranieri in the award) and the Oracle team that supported and supported the entire project!

Another huge achievement for the V8, which through Original Bank was awarded again by Oracle with this fantastic Case! Last year V8 had already been recognized by Oracle as Latin America’s Best Partner for Cloud and Infrastructure.

And so we move on! Seeking to be better every day and helping our customers conquer the world!

Michelle J.

Specialist in Digital Content - V8 Consulting, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy - New York University.