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V8 is the first Brazilian consultation with Oracle MSP certification

As the migration of corporate information systems to the cloud becomes a more unambiguous path, there is a growing need for vendors able to do this, as well as managing that digital infrastructure efficiently. Recognized by this service, technology integrator V8 Consulting ( is the first Brazilian company to win the MSP Oracle seal.

MSP is the acronym for Managed Service Provider (“Managed Service Provider”). It identifies US multinational partners who excel in building and managing information architectures on the company’s cloud platform, Oracle Cloud – including using applications from other technology companies.

According to Graci de Melo, commercial director of V8, the seal is a recognition of the excellence of the services developed by the company and reinforces the partnership with Oracle, which allows to follow closely new trends and ways for the future in the cloud.

“We are in a period of change in business from the point of view of technology management, with companies looking at the cloud as a way to reduce costs and transfer resources from operations management to areas of innovation and strategy. companies that have the capacity to act more like strategic allies of their clients than simply as resale of solutions “, explains Alexsandro Salmazo, director of alliances and channels of Oracle Brazil.

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