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Best Supplier Award OdontoPrev 2017

We were finalists of the 2017 Supplier of the Year award from our OdontoPrev customer.

From more than 80 participants we were among the top 3 of last year, which is the result of a lot of effort, dedication and competence of a spectacular team!

To understand a little more about the awards we talked to Daniel Sobral, a member of V8 and responsible for the account.

How long has v8 been servicing Odontoprev?

Since 2014

Is this the first time V8 has been nominated for this award?

It is the first time the odontoprev has held this award, and for us it is a great honor to be among the top 3.

How does the qualification and the selection of employees allocated within the client take place?

Today we have 13 people allocated within Odontoprev, taking care of all outsourcing and all infrastructure area. They pass the technical requirements and allocate the workforce according to their need.

What is the key to success with the client?

Mainly efficiency, because the customer’s business is very dynamic, so the Infra area can not be a hindrance, we need to deliver projects fast, operate fast and always reduce operation costs.

What are the plans to continue growing within the client?

Our contract with the client is long, but it is growing exponentially every year with new positions, which means that we are doing an excellent job. What we are always looking for is maintaining the quality to attract the attention of other areas to keep growing.

Today, does the V8 serve other customers in the Odontoprev segment?

The odontoprev branch is very restricted and they have 60% marketshare. But in the area of ​​Healthcare we have more than 10 clients among hospitals, health insurance networks and insureds. What is the most important point you would like to highlight about this award? Mainly the long term partnership with the customer that has been a success and grows with each passing year.

What final considerations do you have on the subject?

I would like to thank the partnership with the customer and also thank all the V8 Team that is part of all this success.

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