European Insurance Company

Oracle GoldenGate

One of the largest financial conglomerates in the world, originally from Europe and present in 75 countries, with around 189 thousand employees and a European leader in banking and financial services.

It has more than ninety million people insured worldwide, around 10,000 employees * and in 2015 it reached an amount of € 28 billion in gross premiums.

With its unique model, based on partnerships with distributors of different categories, over the years, it acquired experience and became recognized in the insurance sector. Therefore, it is prepared to develop an offer adapted to the profile of each partner.


  • Make the project happen in 2 months
  • Replicate data in real time from a database from Brazil to Colombia.
  • Implement the solution and load data between Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with the trip for the customer.
  • In the final phase of the project, we were able to extract data, travel, arrive in Colombia, do all the initial loading and synchronization in record time.


  • Better delivery in less time, dedication and integration between the bank's team (Management, IT, Board) and the V8 team; we transform the company's needs into profitable opportunities.
  • Presentation, delivery and hands-on in the most assertive and convenient way to the customer (including in the native language).
  • Facilitating solutions, even though GoldenGate is a complex tool, we were able to implement and pass it on to the customer with minimal difficulty for the IT area and without "techniques" for the management areas.

This was the email sent by the person responsible for architecture and integration of BI projects:

“I would like to thank you for your dedication to the GoldenGate project, Colombia. The team's commitment was fundamental to the success of the delivery. Felipe Romeu was excellent in solving the challenges and Lucas Bernardini was impeccable in the support given to the team. The commitment and quality of the delivered project is the certainty of the partnership formed. It will be a pleasure to participate in other projects with you. ”

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