Accelerates V8

Accelerates V8, our storehouse for innovation!

Acelera V8 is an initiative of V8 Consulting for new startups that bring new solutions
and innovations for the IT market. We will invest in you and your idea!

Our Beliefs and Values

We are a Successful Company.

Only 7 years old and over R$ 1 billion in sales.

Customized benefits for your needs:

Scalable Sales Model S4E (Sales for Equity).

Experienced Mentors in the Technology market:

Very Senior Sales Team (We know a lot about this!) And we will escalate your sales to our customers.

Physical infrastructure - Corporate Environment:

Advisory: Legal, Administrative, Financial, Tax and Administration and Control Systems for your Company.

Portfolio - Accelerating or Investees:

Company specialized in developing multichannel applications, BigData and DevOpvs.

Company focused on streamlining and simplifying the handling of corporate data through innovative technological platforms.

Leading company in Brazil in the SaaS model for recruitment and selection based on Artificial Intelligence.


More than 15 years of experience in Sales, with a career in national and multinational companies, being awarded by Oracle in 2013 as #1 in Sales in Latin America.

Graci de Melo

Co-Founder V8 Consulting

Electrical and Telecom Engineer - Inatel with a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from FGV and extension course from Singularity University - NASA - USA Since 2007, he has held executive positions in the main Technology companies in the market.

Rodrigo Xavier

Co-Founder V8 Consulting

Telecom engineer by Instituto Mauá, with +20 years working in technology, has already developed works of architecture, implementation and / or support in more than 60% of the 100 largest companies in Brazil.

Carlos Momezo

Co-Founder V8 Consulting

System. of Information by FIAP, since 2004 acts in Technology with focus in the technical and commercial area with the main companies of the Country.

Daniel Sobral

Co-Founder V8 Consulting

Our structure

Meet our structure with the latest technology and qualified professionals

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