Why Google and V8 Group:

Grupo V8 specializes in Google Cloud Infrastructure, delivering the latest and greatest in Google Cloud technology. We base the move to cloud journey on the following guidelines:

– Improve operational efficiency
- Reduce costs
– Meet legal requirements / Market opening
– Create new products and revenue streams
– Improve the experience
– Better explore the value of data


Google Cloud Platform V8 Specialization:

Infrastructure modernization:

Modernize your cloud infrastructure and run natively on Google Cloud, critical workloads.


Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability and fully managed data services.

Application modernization:

Modernize legacy applications and build new services that use Kubernetes, containers, and other cloud-native resources.

Smart Analytics:

Escape complex analytics and gain actionable insights with a fully managed, serviceless analytics platform.

AI and machine learning:

Equip your employees with AI and ML solutions to increase efficiency in customer service, recruiting and other areas.


To protect your business, detect, investigate and respond to online threats with proven security solutions.

APIs and Applications:

Securely automate processes as well as build apps
easily and without codes when extending
your current data with APIs.

Productivity and collaboration:

Work faster, smarter, and collaborate with Google Workspace, a productivity solution for the workplace with apps like Gmail, Document Drive, and Meet.

SAP on Google Cloud Platform:

Migration of SAP On Premises workloads to Google Cloud or deployment of new SAP environments on Google Cloud. 24×7 management and monitoring of SAP solutions;

Main environments implemented in Google Cloud:

– SAP Business One, version for MSSQL;
– SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA;
– SAP with Big Query Integration

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Success Cases:

Latam Pass Brasil: Adaptation of all payment products, running on a GCP cloud-native architecture, oriented to microservices and highly scalable using Apigee, Pub/Sub and GKE.

With the process of reincorporating the Multiplus loyalty coalition, a Latam Airlines program, which gave rise to Latam Pass Brasil, we faced a great challenge, which was to adapt the Multiplus points subscription club product to a scalable native cloud, microservice-oriented architecture within the GCP, meeting all PCI certification requirements that the airline has ever had.

As the registration and processing of signatures are complex with multi-step processes, we developed a solution oriented towards microservices and event sourcing, using Pub/Sub to choreograph these steps using GKE as the execution environment for the microservices that exposed the product's APIs in the PCI environment to be consumed by the front-end channels.

With this solution, we improved the security of payment transactions by adopting PCI standards and requirements over GCP, improved the number of signatures processed per day and API throughput, using less computational resources in GKE than the previous solution, and gained scalability and reliability in the core solution. Subscription processing was much faster, scalable and more reliable with the fully asynchronous system in the architecture implemented on top of Pub/Sub with microservices running on GKE.

Google Cloud Platform

Planning and implementation of the Google Cloud Platform Foundation architecture, configuration of the hierarchical structure to support the AUTOPASS SA ENVIRONMENT, creation of the Cloud IAM Framework, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Interconnect.

Make the current “Apigee Edge for Public Cloud” environment efficient and transparent so that the new “Apigee X Standard” environment is built on Google Cloud Platform.

The Google Cloud and Google Apigee team proactively acted on the project along with the V8 team to ensure the GCP and Apigee architecture to support Autopass workloads.

Implementation of a scalable architecture ensuring the efficiency of the Autopass operation, in addition to bringing greater safety and productivity.

With the implementation of Google Apigee, it was possible to unlock new digital channels linked to Autopass' business models, providing valuable data and services, such as APIs, to its main partners and developers.

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BS2 Bank: Journey to the Cloud with Google Cloud Platform:

V8's main objective was to support BS2 in the foundation of the GCP (Security, Infrastructure, Networks, IAM, Applications, Containers, GKE, Apigee) and in the definition of corporate architectures for BS2 to start the migrations of Workloads Apps and Infra.

Modernize the Technological Platform of BS2 Technology, promoting the DNA of innovation, transforming the customer experience, through solutions based on insights and intelligence so that they have a financial experience, with simplicity and transparency. It provides the necessary PaaS and IaaS services on GCP with the features, security and scalability needed to ensure the success of BS2.

Working together with GCP was done in a few ways:
• BS2 team training – On-demand individual rhythm labs;
• Creation of SOA – Security, network, administration, IAM, monitoring, billing;
• GCP Foundation;
• Architecture meetings together with the Google Team;
• Customer and GCP meetings to discuss application modernization.

Construction of the GCP Foundation;
• Reference architectures for using GCP (IaaS, PaaS, GKE, Anthos, etc.);
• Training and knowledge in strategy and execution of the GCP cloud for BS2 Bank;
• Use the right GCP Resources to drive your company's bottom line.

The success case of this project was certainly to support BS2 Bank in the creation of best practices of enterprise architecture focused on GCP, as well as enabling the use of GCP technologies to accelerate the cloud journey linked to the continuous improvement of their environments.

Google Cloud Platform – Google Cloud Training – Professional Services Organization

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