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The V8 Group and Google formed in 2021 a solid partnership that is already a great success in the market. With expertise in Google Cloud Platform, our team will accelerate your company's digital transformation.

IaaS, PaaS, Eng. Systems, Big Data, DB, Cloud Customer

Virtualization, SDDC, SDDWan, HPC

Data Virtualization, Masking, GDPR

There is a growing group of data consumers who are responsible for using data to drive new projects and innovations; This includes developers, testers, data scientists, analysts and more. The only way companies will survive in the data economy is by applying a DataOps methodology and platform to provide access to valuable data. Meet!

HCI, Storage, DPS, Servers, Big Data, Networking, Cloud

Data Management, Backup, Replication


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V8 Consulting specializes in the main Clouds available on the market today:

If you have client-server applications and today you are considering a simple migration alternative, migrating to the cloud is no longer a months project, where you needed to change your web application version to become something done in a few hours with The V8MultiCloud. In just a few hours you get your application up and running, with a database installed, configured users, access via internet / browser or client. No complexity and everything you need to start loading and testing your systems, whether for your company or your customers.

Over the past few decades, ERP solutions that run in companies have evolved to incorporate various aspects of different business segments and are generally highly customized for each segment or customer. Most were built on a client server architecture (not web) and planned to run locally (not cloud).

With the arrival of the cloud it brought a series of benefits for companies, such as cost reduction, availability, scalability, mobility, etc. Building an application oriented to take advantage of some of the advantages that the cloud can offer is practically impossible in a short time. In fact, it takes a few years.

THE V8MultiCloud this is the perfect solution. Designed for companies like yours, we take care of all configurations. You will have a familiar environment, similar to the one you use today, to install and test your applications, and soon after, make available to all your customers or employees. So you start taking advantage of the cloud while saving time to change your application version to the most modern technologies and architectures available.

V8 Consulting specializes in the main Clouds available on the market today:

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